The StoryCode curriculum was developed and written by Lev Fruchter.

"I don't explain computers or code using numbers, because that's never made the deepest sense to me. I try to match digital behaviors with characters or circumstances from stories, novels, fairy tales, myths. When a programming concept fits a human narrative, even a twisting or magical one, then you've got something that can work for people who aren't engaged by mathematical models."

With a biochemist and a novelist for parents, Lev grew up with an integrated view of science and storytelling. He graduated with honors from both Stuyvesant, NYC's premier math and science high school, and Oberlin College, where he majored in English. In the 90s, Lev learned the craft of teaching at The School for the Physical City (SPC), part of NYC's first wave of small, alternative public schools, where he subbed, taught and expanded the IT infrastructure. After earning his masters degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Lev continued as SPC's Technology Coordinator and taught English, math, art, social studies and physical education. He also developed and coordinated the school's mathematics graduation portfolios.


A New York State certified Career and Technical Education teacher of computer technology, Lev has worked for more than fifteen years to make the mechanics of digital technology accessible to diverse learners. At South Brooklyn Community HS in Red Hook, he pioneered courses in programming, math games and digital sight and sound for older, at-risk students. He designed the technology course of study, majors and introductory Digital Worlds class at Information Technology HS in Long Island City and instituted a year long programming course for first generation college-bound students at Park Slope Collegiate.


In 2014, Lev authored the advanced curriculum units of the NYC Department of Education's Software Engineering Pilot which delivers a broad computer science education to diverse learners in eighteen middle and high schools and featured StoryCode as a successful summer enrichment program. This year Lev has joined Urban Assembly Maker Academy, a NYC high school dedicated to design thinking, innovation and interdisciplinary learning in technology and all subjects.


A lifelong Brooklynite, Lev is the parent of two public school students.


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