The StoryCode Curriculum


Powerfully Interdisciplinary, Fulfilling a Host of Common Core Learning Standards
In using fiction to explore mathematical concepts, StoryCode fulfills broad ranges of Common Core Learning Standards for ELA and math as well as literacy in science and technical subjects. The computer science understandings and practices embodied in StoryCode align naturally with the standards issued by the Computer Science Teachers Association for the US and Canada.

StoryCode can take many different forms in a school:

• a text-rich
math course
• a tech-rich
ELA course
• a team-taught,
double credit
ELA/math course
• a technology experience
scalable from 3 days
to an entire year
• a science

Reading and Coding Skills Develop Together
While StoryCode learners are exploring abstract digital principles through fiction, they also apply them practically, creating fun, working programs which embody these concepts. Starting with MIT's super-friendly, super-transparent Scratch environment and finishing with object-oriented Python, StoryCoders use both software and written responses to document their understandings of the guiding texts.


An Accessible, Transformative Curriculum
Because most teachers will already have experience with either its literary practices or its mathematical understandings, training for StoryCode is quick and rewarding. Its digital and literary concepts are fundamental enough for teachers to employ regardless of their primary license area. StoryCode can therefore be instrumental in raising a school's total digital literacy and can, in fact, be the interdisciplinary foundation of a school or district-wide approach to technology.