The StoryCode Curriculum


StoryCode uses works of fiction as models for understanding the mathematical worlds of computers. StoryCode texts are thus both literary and informational, the most wonderfully written textbooks ever. By introducing digital concepts with entertaining stories rather than mathematical operations, StoryCode allows teachers of any subject to lead learners of all types into the fascinating world of programming.

Accessible by Diverse Teachers and Diverse Learners
A comfort with computers and some occasional middle school math are all that's needed to use StoryCode's texts and exercises to make programmers of almost anyone. StoryCode can take many different forms in a school:

• a text-rich
math course
• a tech-rich
ELA course
• a team-taught,
double credit
ELA/math course
• a technology experience
scalable from 3 days
to an entire year
• a science

Because it is rooted in stories about people, StoryCode makes programming attractive to those who might otherwise shy away from soulless machines. Enthusiastic coders, on the other hand, learn share and talk about their abstract creations in a broadly accessible, human context. By building these bridges between art and science, StoryCode models how learning and intelligence are properly founded upon both.

Raise the Digital Literacy of Your Entire School.
Interdisciplinary teaching enhances cooperation between departments. Interdisciplinary technology teaching can change the way teachers and learners use your school's computers and networks, injecting new skills into slower changing areas and revealing unexpected, creative uses for systems already in place. StoryCode can, in fact, be the interdisciplinary foundation of a school-wide or district-wide approach to technology.

You can choose how to bring StoryCode to your school:


StoryCode Workshops

Training in Just What You Need
Participants in StoryCode workshops learn computer programming fundamentals and coding languages in a combination of short, focused classroom sessions and
longer creative explorations at computers. Workshops for teachers also explicitly address how to present and evaluate the material, how to overcome common learner difficulties and strategies for maximizing the value of StoryCode for all subject areas.

StoryCode workshops range in length from 2 and a half hours to 5 days and can be configured to your specific needs.

The StoryCode Curriculum

A Complete Foundation for Computer Science
The lesson and unit plans, content guide, classroom handouts, evaluation rubrics and reading and viewing selections of StoryCode make up a year long course of study in digital fundamentals and several programming environments and languages. The narrative and interdisciplinary nature of the material make it suitable for teachers of all license areas.

While each unit of the curriculum is detailed in terms of both content and delivery, training is available for portions or all of it.

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